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Basic element to choose INA bearings

When deign new main shafts, main shafts’ performance parameters should be considered first before choose INA bearings. We should define the most important performance generally, then continue further design(include speed of main shaft, precision of main shaft, rigidity of main shaft ,life of main shaft, heat of main shaft, reliability of main shaft).

After decide the main shafts’ performance parameters, we should design the actual sizes of main shafts (shaft diameter, length, bearing span).

According to bearing forms(ball or cylindrical roller bearing),arrangement,driving mode(belts,gears, motors ,inside motor), lubrication(grease, oil-gas, oil mixture, injection) and other performance parameters to define the structures.

1 Radial load of bearings
Radial bearings carry radial load of INA bearings mainly. Nominal contact angle of this kind of bearings is a0<=450. Roller bearings can carry heavier radial load than ball bearings in the same size.

N and NU cylindrical roller bearing can only carry radial load, other kinds of radial bearing can carry both radial load and axial load.

2. Axial load of bearings
The bearings carry axial load generally is trust bearings. Nominal contact angle of trust bearings is a0<=450. Trust bearings and trust angular contact bearings can carry axial load from one or two direction at the same time according to the different structure. When the axial forces are too heavy, we should choose trust cylindrical roller bearings and trust spherical roller bearings.

Trust spherical roller bearings and trust angular contact bearings can carry radial load and axial load at the same time. Other trust bearings can only carry axial load.

3. Own length compensations of bearings
Generally use fixed bearings or clearance bearings in pairs to carry an axial and bearing. INA clearance bearings’ compensated axial has length error and thermal expansion.

NU and N cylindrical roller bearings are prefect clearance bearings. These bearings can repair their own length. Bearings’ inner and outer rings can be matched.

4. Slide fit length compensations
Inseparable bearings can also be used as clearance bearings. After make sure precision bearings’ sizes and kinds, consider the specific design of bearings.

After design main shaft we should consider the actual installation condition